Our commitment to sustainability is embedded in every aspect of our business. In 2009 we developed a £1.5million facility called ‘Sustain’ to support our sustainability efforts.

50 Million

Of recycled material (kg)

1 Million

Of recycled office chairs (kg)*


Recycled items of furniture

*In the last three years

Product Donation

We work with local charities, and with charities, schools and small business local to our clients to donate products via our ‘Sustain Wish List’ initiative.

Product Remanufacturing

We can remanufacture every product from The Senator Group portfolio as well as our competitors, helping you to significantly reduce the levels of embodied carbon in your projects by minimising the use of virgin materials. This involves taking an existing product and adjusting it to ‘as new’ standards, and adapting aesthetic elements such as size and colour where possible.

Product Recycling

We are able to strip products down to their component parts and recycle, ensuring the NO waste goes to landfill. Every product from The Senator Group is 99-100% recyclable, so we can guarantee recycling on all Senator products. We will additionally recycle as much of our competitor products as possible. You will receive a certificate outlining volumes of products recycled and carbon emissions.

Waste Packaging

All waste packaging is sent back to our Sustain division for recycling. Our packaging programme covers both Senator waste packaging and that of our competitors. In fact, we actively encourage our dealers, suppliers, and other contractors to utilise our packaging recycling scheme. Other companies can purchase The Senator Group white bags for a nominal price, fill with packaging waste, and return to Sustain for us to recycle on their behalf. This scheme saw 8,635 bags of packaging recycled in 2020.


Waste Heirarchy

It’s far more important to look at Reducing and Reusing before we start thinking about Recycling. These ‘Three Rs’ have a strong influence over all aspects of our business, from design and production right through to delivery.

— Recording and Reporting – certificates to detail waste and carbon emissions diverted from landfill

— Reduction in carbon emission

— Reduction in waste to landfill tax

— Typical savings on re-manufactured furniture of 35 — 55%

— Cost savings – reduction in comparison to skip costs

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