Death to Mediocrity.

We are Allermuir.

We are inspired by the every day and the blurred boundaries between personal and professional spaces. This hybrid design approach means we focus on products for people, not environments. Our products aren’t stereotyped for one purpose, every product is multi-use. This means we create products with longevity and fluidity. We use classic design sensibilities, form and function, meaning you can find our products in the kitchen or the boardroom ­— and that’s the way we like it.

We create extraordinary.

We create contemporary furniture for offices, homes, and public spaces. We began in 1970. Now part of a family, just a slightly bigger one, Allermuir, and its values sit perfectly within The Senator Group’s house of brands.

Still radically independent we exist to inspire. From day one we have partnered with the world’s best designers. We look to fashion, art, and architecture for our ideas. We have no set style, our ethos is to set trends, not follow them. We are craftsmen. Our products are impeccably made, and deliver satisfaction at every level, from the way they look to the way they feel.

This is why we do, what we do.

Global Design, British Flare.

In a nutshell, we experiment, design, collaborate and manufacture, it’s these four principles that allow us to make furniture that challenges perceptions.

These four guiding principles underpin our design ethos, combined with our British roots allows to create outstanding furniture that’s truly authentic to us.

We create furniture for dining, relaxing, breaking out, meeting, and working. We design chairs that can be fully upholstered, have wooden legs or metal frames. We design stools, tables, and chairs. We design soft-seating and sofas, crafted and stitched laboriously by hand and machine. Because without detail, there is no luxury.

A Simple Ethos - Visionary Design

We’re interested in everything and everyone. We identify trends and we set them. All you have to do is look. The world is our inspiration and we work with the best designers in the world to implement this inspiration.

Each product we create has been designed for the people that use it, not for the environment it’s in. This simple approach of people over product means we create everyday products, for everyday people, whether that’s in the office, or in the home.

We then use colour, form, design languages, and the use of manufacturing processes to stay ahead.

Making the everyday beautiful.

We use a marriage of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques to ensure exceptional quality at every level.

We believe in products that are fluid, a people-first approach, to ensure we stand the test of time. Traditional stereotypes are thrown out of the window. Instead, we open the doors to creativity and pure design. Always have. Always will.

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