Innovation Underpinned By Beauty

Engineered to perfection. Made to perform.

We are a brand born from a simple question — can we make great furniture? We could, we did, and we do. Now we ask a slightly different question — can we keep improving every day?

We’re here for those who don’t want to put limits on what’s possible. Those who don’t want to compromise on what’s important. We’re a global leader in quality, with the capability and capacity to meet large-scale demand.

We are relentless in our approach, uncompromising in our manufacturing, and obsessive with our mission to be the world’s first choice for exceptional office furniture.

Purpose and Possibility

Here at Senator we create products that set the stage for people to do amazing things. We inspire possibilities for people to change the world in a million different ways, big and small, local and global, every day.

What we do:

We create products for those who want to make their mark. On their own, together, in teams, or as organizations. Collaborators, innovators and connectors.

What we offer:

Products for working individually or collaboratively. Products for spontaneity and flexibility. Products for training and meeting. Products for focusing and privacy. And products for homeworking.

Craft and Innovation

Quality and quantity. For us, it’s about both. We’ve always been a brand with big ambitions, and the bigger we get, the bigger our ambitions become. But quality will always be at the heart of those ambitions, which is why it’s at the core of our decision-making. Quality in design, in style, in performance, in impact. Quality in everything.

What we do:

We are a global manufacturer. We are industrious and ingenious. Constantly innovating and adapting to new trends, all tied together by masterful techniques, exceptional engineering, expert craftsmanship.

What we offer:

Unrivaled and uncompromising quality. Always.

Vision and Detail

The more the world connects, the more we’re able to learn from both the differences that define us and the similarities that bring us together. Our products support bodies, people, organizations and possibilities. Designed, engineered and delivered to meet the needs and ambitions of those who want the chance to choose without compromise.

What we do:

We’re on a mission to inspire new possibilities for discerning customers, with office furniture that sets a new benchmark.

What we offer:

Task Chairs / Multi-purpose Chairs / Executive and Conference Chairs / Desking and Tables / Workspaces and Storage

Innovation is in our DNA

Our world-class manufacturing capabilities operate on one simple principle. By asking what’s the best way to do this? That’s how we build exceptional into everything we make.

This is why our products are different. This is why our products are better.

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