Workspaces For Everyone.

Using our human centred design approach, we work with you to develop workplaces that attract, engage and retain talent. We will create spaces that embody your culture and capture the needs of colleagues.

Case Study — BAE Systems

We worked with BAE Systems to deliver a new work space that could be replicated across their offices throughout the UK. The result? A refreshing, modern space that has enhanced opportunities for employee collaboration, and created a more vibrant atmosphere. The effective use of agile working principles and the variety of spaces has provided greater flexibility for colleagues to come together and feel more confident in breaking away from their desks and moving around the office.

Our bread and butter.

We specialize in creating office spaces that cater to every individual and work with our clients to create cultures and communities that your employees will want to keep coming back to. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a large, flagship project, creating brand consistency across multiple satellite offices, or looking to use furniture to update your space, we have you covered.

Case Study — Homes England

One of our many successful handovers was for Home England where we completed a full design and install of their new 0ffices in Newcastle using our tried and tested methodology.

We designed a new adaptable and innovative office for a space of over 20,000sq ft using both Senator and Allermuir products.

We don't just help people work, we help people learn.

Discover more about our work within the education sector and how we create spaces that help students, teachers, and tutors to work collaboratively together.

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