Workplace Consultancy

Do you know how to make your space work for your business?

Increased productivity, improved health and wellbeing, and greater levels of employee satisfaction are all benefits of an effective workplace strategy. Whether you’re looking at an existing or a brand new space – our workplace consultancy team will work with you to develop a solution that’s all about you.

Each workplace is different, from your people and culture, to your processes and outputs. This is why we work collaboratively with our clients to understand each individual company, and to design workspaces that capture the culture, work needs, and colleague requirements of your business.

We want to make every workplace a true destination for its visitors.

Our Consultancy Mission

Case Study: Illumina

Our comprehensive study for Illumina involved 400 hours of onsite observation, surveys of 360 employees, and occupancy/utilisation measurement for six hours per day over a two week period. From this activity we understood the issues faced by both individuals and the business itself, and developed an innovative workplace strategy to support improved agile working, using seven core ‘settings’ typologies. The programme was designed, delivered and installed by The Senator Group. To welcome occupants into their new space, we rolled out a training programme called ‘Welcome to your Workplace’, which provided a guide on how to use the space, coupled with presentations and training sessions, to ensure colleagues were using the space as effectively as possible.


We ask questions and explore your business to understand your current workplace, and your vision for the future. Looking at culture, values, growth objectives, and the tasks undertaken by each individual, we provide concepts that outline the future of your workplace.


We examine research and data from your own employees, and use our existing research, data and experience to move initial design concepts to visual designs. We then work with you to refine these designs to meet the needs of your end users.


We provide a roadmap for implementing the change – from explanation of the design to colleagues, to training, final product selection, and project delivery. All managed by our in-house, expert teams.


Once your offices are complete, we continue our support to the end user, ensuring that each colleague understands how to best use the space for their individual needs.


Case Study: St Georges

We first installed St George’s Park National Football Centre in 2012.  The challenge was to provide a the training base for Club England, which runs all 24 England representative sides and then integrate the facilities and expertise for screening, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation across all sports. The installation was a success, with the diverse needs of the facility (including business, sport, hospitality, medical, conferencing and refreshment) all furnished from The Senator Group portfolio. In 2018, we were approached to redesign the space into a more collaborative environment, with increased interaction and soft seating spaces, to create a truly agile work setting with no fixed desks. This adjustment to the existing design afforded higher levels of collaboration and innovation across all key departments.

We call it Settings.

There are five fundamental principles of the Senator’s bespoke programme for maximizing the potential of office spaces. We’ve carefully formulated an activity-based planning system that breaks the workspace down into a grid, and allows clients to build their office using five key strategic settings: Work, Share, Refresh, Show and Source.

It’s by no means a precise science, but Settings is a very clear and clever way to help people understand exactly how we can make their offices as efficient and productive as possible.

It also allows us to work seamlessly across all three brands in the Senator portfolio, giving clients greater choice, flexibility and value for money. So whether you’re one man or a workforce of one thousand, getting the right setting for your business has never been easier.

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