Unlocking Potential

The way we teach and learn can have an enormous impact on education. How education spaces encourage learning, remove barriers and promote interaction can alter the student and teacher experience, and enhance learning outcomes.

Education is not a simple didactic experience – we can learn in groups, solo, formally, informally, interactively, digitally, or playfully. We can pass on our knowledge through technology, face-to-face interaction, or real-life experience.

Understanding how your organization brings people together to gain and share knowledge helps us to design campuses that inspire, excite and motivate.

Case Study — University of Northampton

We worked with Ralph & Smith interior designers to furnish the entire University of Northampton Waterside campus. The idea was to elevate the campus to match the top universities in the world, delivering an outstanding student experience.

The Learning Hub area was designed to be the primary academic and social focus for the new campus, including the library and shared teaching spaces.  The variety of uses for The Learning Hub required a flexible solution that encouraged students and staff to work in the way that best suits their requirements. Connectivity was included in all settings to maximize space use.

We want to create spaces that help to uplift

The Senators Group family of brands allows us to create dynamic spaces for not just work and education, but healthcare as well, creating innovative products and solutions for care professionals.

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