Face to Face - Our Desire To Have A Human Connection

Within workplace design, we have two factors: the building and the company. The building is all about hard surfaces, it is a physical structure, it’s about space and engineering. The company is about the people, it is living and breathing and there is an emotional connection - how do we bring these two things together?

In this short video, Adrian Campbell, our Head of Workplace Consultancy, discusses collaboration and innovation in the hybrid workplace and what it means for office design.  How can we bring together people, technology, and workspace?

With a focus on the hybrid workplace, we explore how we interact with spaces at home, in the office, or even social spaces, like restaurants and cafes. As society becomes increasingly connected by technology, we have the option to work anywhere – so how do we stimulate creativity, collaboration, and innovation?

Face to face interactions enable us to experience and receive the full human message. Digital settings, though beneficial in some ways, have removed the emotional connection we seek as human beings. It is a secondary experience that does not replace the value of being within a space that has been adapted to promote collaboration and gathering. So, can we make workplaces a bit more… human? 

In this clip, Adrian explores these questions and explains that the office needs to learn from other types of spaces (whether that be the personalisation of home, the socialisation of a restaurant, or the collaboration of the education sector) in order to elevate the experience and outcomes for the people using it. 

Adrian has worked with workplace design for over 30 years; after completing his Art degree he combined his drawing skills with engineering to secure his first role at a manufacturing company that was based around office design. Since then, Adrian has become a leader in his field with significant experience delivering agile working solutions to public and private sector organisations.

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