First Impressions Matter

We are finally pleased to launch Qdos.

Qdos has taken years to make. We’ve pushed further than ever before creating a product from scratch that will make life better, and make you better, for sitting on it. 

No matter how ground breaking, every great idea starts, it always begins in the most simplistic, and purest way; a humble sketch, a scribble in your notebook, or on a scrap-piece of paper. This was the ethos of Qdos designer Justus Kolberg.

Qdos is a new breed of chair born out of the desire to create perfection. It demands attention. Its striking form, dynamic detailing, and simplistic clean lines are nothing but deceiving. Underneath the finest leather and a crisp aluminium frame is pure engineering innovation; its exoskeleton moulds and contours to your body meaning you get the utmost support whilst sat in a chair that demands prestige.

Integral to the development of Qdos was the development of a bespoke titling action, the structure and geometry of which is fully incorporated into the final form of the chair. Its deign provides fluid synchronised tilt, this precise and bespoke mechanism provides a smooth and dynamic reclining function. 

Whether you choose a high or mid backrest, in matt black or polished aluminium, rest assured excellence is consistent across the range.  It’s taken an instinctive balance of form and function, resilience, hardwork, and collaboration but we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.

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