High Performance Reinvented

Thanks to our latest 3D knit technology, our most innovative office chair just got better. 

We went back to the drawing board to refine i-Workchair’s silhouette, sculpting it to make it sleeker, more comfortable, and more lightweight, but still with the freedom of movement, personalised comfort, and total support. All beautifully finished in seven new colours each uniquely created using our 3D knit technology. 

Through the use of our advanced knit technology, we have used high performance yarns in complex structures; to not only bring additional strength, support, and breathability but to create a contemporary design to i-Workchair 2.0.

3D knit technology is produced using state-of-the-art knitting machines, this means we can engineer bespoke fabrics to our specific requirements: colour, tension, consistency, and composition all unique to us and our products.

i-Workchair 2.0 Forest Knit

Digital Knit technology offers more precise control than other traditional textile manufacturing methods such as weaving. It has more freedom to create complex 3D designs, because it uses many different yarns simultaneously.


This opens up opportunities for new and exciting ways to manipulate fabric. Each product is made to exact measurements meaning it’s not only more innovative but also supports sustainable initiatives too by producing zero waste.

i-Workchair 2.0 paired with Pailo

We are all unique and so are the demands we place on our furniture. i-Workchair 2.0 has been developed to allow the user a greater range of adjustments, to achieve maximum comfort. i-Workchair 2.0 has the ability to replicate a wide range of movements with ease and comfort.


Utilising a new generation of synchronised tilt action, i-Workchair 2.0 mirrors the body’s natural pivot points, providing a seamless transition between upright and reclined postures.


Click here to find out more about the new and improved i-Workchair 2.0.

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