Knitted for Colours

i-Workchair 2.0 is now better than ever before with thanks to a new range of 3D technically knitted fabrics, refined with a softer, lighter silhouette, whilst still being extremely agile and offering the same freedom of movement. Produced using state-of-the-art digital knitting technology, i-Workchair 2.0 brings together beautiful textures into a dynamic linear design.

i-Workchair 2.0 backs - Forest, Oyster White, Zinc, Blue Drift  (top to bottom)

3D digital knitting has been around since the 90’s and has been used in everything from fashion and interiors to knitting carbon fibre composites to produce prosthetics. It is commonly used for running shoes and popular fashion trainers.

Digital Knit technology offers more precise control than other traditional textile manufacturing methods such as weaving. It has more freedom to create complex 3D designs, because it uses many different yarns simultaneously. This opens up opportunities for new and exciting ways to manipulate fabric.

Forest knit back in process

One of the biggest advantages of digital knitting is that the entire i-Workchair 2.0 fabrics are manufactured in one piece, to the exact shape needed, this means we create zero waste. The signature design is available in seven carefully curated colourways, especially developed to offer comfort, support and choice to your workspace.

Melange yarns are combined with high performance fibres to create beautiful colour combinations that add warmth, breathability and a soft feel to this contemporary design, below are the seven carefully curated colours.

Blue Drift

Inspired by teals, aquas and cool clay tones from the drift of extreme landscapes. This calming palette evokes balance and stability. The colourway is ego-free, seasonless, genderless and ageless.


An unassuming and discreet colourway with an emphasis on the natural and modest beauty – a mixture of warm neutral tones reminiscent of mottled stone.

Oyster White

Oyster white is a calm, simplified, and minimalist palette of black, white and cream. This monochrome style has a sophisticated and classic look with longevity.


Renew, Refresh and Revive – Inspired by the nourishment of a forest atmosphere and celebrating its colour palette by combing melange yarns of sage and mid green with emerald and deep teal. 


This colourway brings together a striking palette of dark, saturated colours of blackened reds and plum with accents of deep purple. Quietly rebellious and modestly attention-grabbing.


Combined tones of grey and beige in calming warm tones but when deconstructed this colourway is so much more. A soft zinc twisted yarn is added to give depth and interest to the palette.


No darkness is ever the same, so the yarns in a black colourway shouldn’t be either. - This seemingly non-colour palette is a combination of deepest black and steel grey with a fleck of pewter.


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