Leave No Trace

The Senator Group presents 'Leave No Trace': A pop-up installation celebrating the beauty of waste.

Sustainable practices are constantly emerging globally. These advancements are raising demands for designers to consider a product’s environmental impact from conception to materials and manufacturing.

The “Leave No Trace” pop-up exhibition has been curated to bring consciousness to creatives within the furniture industry and demonstrate how we can evolve our thinking beyond the basics, to harness preservation, longevity and renewal. They don't have all the answers but they're asking the right questions.

Innovative processes are already shaping sustainable designs of the future. As designers, creators and even consumers we have a responsibility to seek new materials, methods and tools that
reduce our personal impact. 

Sustain, part of The Senator Group is a 15,000 ft2 recycling centre, built in 2009, to handle not only its own waste but also that of the UK’s contract furniture industry. To date, Sustain has diverted over 750,000 items of furniture away from landfill and recycled over 50,000,000kgs of material.

Drawing from Sustain’s waste streams, The Senator Group's talented team of designers and engineers reworked recycled materials to produce reformed pieces that inspire and raise awareness about the sustainable future. They created furniture concepts as well as showing raw materials in a creative way, celebrating the beauty that can be created from
a recycled source.

At Sustain, they believe that for every piece of material that is put into the market there is a route for recycling the equivalent piece of redundant material at the end of its life. Believing that the end is the perfect place to start.

As designers and consumers, we all have a responsibility to reduce our personal impact by seeking new materials, methods and tools that promote sustainability. The installation showcases the many possibilities for sustainable furniture design and  manufacturing, in hopes to spark
conversations and ideas that embrace the beauty of sustainable possibilities.

The Senator Group invites everyone to come and explore the innovative and sustainable furniture designs and practices of the future.

Find out more from Sustain or visit the installation during Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 at our London Showroom.

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