Sketch Issue 4

Sketch is our forum to showcase new ideas, opinions, and inspiration from both Senator and Allermuir. Two completely different brands, but with one vision; to design the workplace of tomorrow.

In this edition we go al fresco with our collection of outdoor furniture, including Tibo by Mark Gabbertas, delve deeper into the minds of designers Gemma Matthias and Jack Smith of Smith Matthias. We welcome Densiti, a simple yet efficient general use seating product that is relevant to multiple environments, designed by Pearson Lloyd. HideAway and CellPod, the ideal meeting pods for teams to gather privately and find out what we’ve been watching, reading, and listening to, in the section we call ‘Things We Love’. Plus Dr Matthew Davies shares his research on the effects of hybrid working on office spaces.

We want each edition to take a creative look at the different ways we all work, and suggest ideas, improvements, small hacks, and big changes, all to help inspire your day to day. While the role of the office has shifted, right now, these requirements remain unchanged and in many cases the change in the way we work has made them even more relevant. HideAway and CellPod have proven to be a great solution for this, providing excellent acoustic performance while remaining adaptable to suit many different workspaces.

Find out just how serious we are about tables with Batan, three distinct collections of mix and match tables in premium materials. Batan allows you to create infinite configurations by layering heights, shapes and finishes.

Dr. Matthew Davis partnered with some of the worlds biggest and most established businesses such as Rolls-Royce, Marks and Spencers, Next, and British Gas. His area of expertise centre on how people interact with their environments, office design, hybrid working and future workplaces. He has led and contributed to a range of public and privately funded cooked research projects and has had research published in leading international publications, winning international, and national awards for his work which is constantly underpinned by Socio-technical systems thinking. Discover more by heading to page 5.

Delicately simple Densiti’s wire frame removes any unnecessary distractions to create a chair with perfect visual proportion and form. But this doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on comfort. Densiti delivers stunning comfort for extended periods thanks to its meticulously crafted multi-dimensional seat and back — something not typical with such a minimal, hard surface, design.

Crate Divide has gone through a complete re-development to make it even more adaptable and functional while still retaining its core aesthetic. Get creative with four downloadable settings designed to make your workspace more dynamic and inspirational.

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