Spotlight on Shaw and Shaw Photography

We sat down with creative duo, Jo and Christoph Shaw of ‘Shaw & Shaw Photography’ to bring you this insider…

As we know your subjects are very varied, from furniture to fashion and lots in-between! Do you have a favourite style of photography?

We don’t have a favourite style but whatever the subject, from interiors to still life advertising we always aim to make things look real which can involve working hard on the lighting to create a realistically lit looking scene. Colour plays a very important part in our work, pops of colour pastel palettes and are what we’re known for whether that’s applied to a location furniture shoot or a studio portrait the application of our style can be seen throughout.

We enjoy collaboration and are happiest when the projects we’re involved with allow for our creative input from the start. Working with other creatives is really inspiring. There’s a great creative team at Allermuir and having worked together for many years we feel able to bring ideas to the table and have a collaborative approach to shoots. 


Are there any galleries or magazines you would recommend people that are interested in photography to explore?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many dedicated photography galleries in the UK, photography still isn’t taken as seriously here as it is in the rest of Europe or the US. Probably the best sources for exploration are magazines or online journals. Magma bookshops have a vast array of contemporary photography magazines and books, we often go in to browse and occasionally buy something!    


Photography has become much more popular over the last 10 years, from photojournalism, bloggers and even the selfie! Do you think this has changed/shaped the industry?

Very much so, in good and bad ways. Images are consumed and created like never before and the process is open to everyone. Initially this felt like a huge threat to the photographic industry but in many ways, it has invigorated the industry and created a new aesthetic informed by social media and the zeitgeist. Moving image has become woven into our digital visual world. Responding to and keeping up with these changing times is vital for us as photographers and whilst it often feels like a steep learning curve it keeps things fresh and interesting.  


And finally, what would your top tips be for perfecting a shot with no experience or equipment?

Good light is absolutely key. Go out on a clear morning, shortly after sunrise or just before sunset and take advantage of the ‘magic hour’ it’s difficult to take a bad shot of anything in this gorgeous light.

Why not head over and view some of Shaw & Shaw's amazing work on their site here.


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